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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering design and documentation for the construction of residential, commercial, Industrial and agricultural developments. We are proud of our reputation for delivering excellence in civil engineering. We possess the focus and experienced team members to deliver all civil engineering projects.

How are we so confident? First and foremost by providing effective and sustainable use of natural resources and providing you with cost effective solutions that ensure that our designs meet your objectives and the relevant council standards. We have the experience, we have the team and we’ve done it before.


Our Services Include:

  • DA – Development Application

  • Operational Works

  • Construction Management & Supervision

  • Feasibility

  • As Constructed Certification

  • High Level Planning

  • Public infrastructure Policies

  • Contract Administration

Structural Engineering

Our Structural department aims to provide our valued clients with high quality service and innovative solutions for every type of project. Our knowledge and understanding of structural systems allows us to apply cost effective, innovative and practical design solutions to each project. Footings and foundations form a major component. The structural design is just as important as the visible detail. We can offer our client comprehensive services to cover your needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Preliminary Design Input

  • Detailed Design and Documentation

  • Site Inspection and Certification

  • Footing & Foundation Designs

  • Soil Classification Reports

  • Slope Stability Reports

  • Expert Analysis and Structural Integrity Report

  • Domestic, commercial and industrial building Designs

  • Light Gauge Steel Framing Solutions

  • As Constructed Documentation

  • During Construction Advise and Design


Range of Projects Include:

  • Multi-Residential Unit Developments

  • Retail and Commercial Developments

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centres

  • Industrial Developments

  • Schools and Learning Facilities

  • Aged Care Facilities

  • Fuel Service Stations

  • New Residential Homes & Units

  • Raise and Build Under Renovations

  • Second Level Additional Renovations

  • Retaining Walls

  • Poultry Sheds

  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial Sheds

  • Light Gauge Steel Framing

  • Residential Carports

  • Timber Decks

  • Pool Designs

  • As Constructed

Hydraulic Engineering

Bespoke Engineering has the capability in house to provide you with Hydraulic Engineering plans to suite your development. Class 1 residential and commercial structures.  We are up to date with the current energy efficiency ratings and can provide alternative solutions to traditional hydraulic systems.

Our services include:

  • Internal Hydraulic Engineering for Hot & Cold Water

  • Sanitary Drainage

  • Stormwater Drainage

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Geotechnical Engineering

Bespoke conducts field investigations, testing of foundation materials, laboratory testing of soil material and other investigation work. With the use of our highly skilled team we are able to provide our clients with timely and accurate results.

Our clients include large and small scale developers, project managers, private investors, home owners, manufacturing and industrial corporations, educational institutions, architects, consulting engineers, builders and contractors.

We can provide Site Investigation services for:

  • Slope Stability

  • Building Extensions

  • Pre-purchase site investigations

  • New houses

A small investment during the conditional period of any land purchase will highlight any issues that may incur substantial additional costs for footings and foundations.

We can provide Site Investigations for:

Pre-Purchase of Residential Blocks

  • Commercial Warehouses

  • Bridge Sites

  • Building Extensions

  • Multi Story Buildings

On-Site Sewerage Facility Design

Purchasing land for a new home or land in a rural residential area?

We can determine if the land is serviced by sewerage system or if you will need to consider an on-site sewerage disposal solution.

Project Management

Working directly with the client, Bespoke can take a project from inception right through to completion. We draw on the strong technical background of its director and staff to deliver quality and intelligent solutions and results that meet with business and client objectives. These results add value and guarantee the client savings through procurement advice and front end cost planning on design and build construction projects.

Bespoke can ensure our clients contracts are completed on time within budget and safely. As part of this service Bespoke are providing  comprehensive construction management service that covers; programe, value management, quality control and safety on site.


Bespoke recognizes that each project is unique, we tailor our approach to the specific needs of the client and we go to lengths to make sure that these needs are recognized and achieved.

Our Services include:

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Value Engineering

  • Contract Administration

  • Design Team Coordination

  • Financial Auditing

  • Cost Control Procurement

  • Programming & Scheduling

  • Risk Assessment

  • Development Management

  • Site Procurement



Project Feasibility Studies

Our project management services extend to providing feasibility studies, giving our clients a full understanding of what the development may cost.


Often these studies are presented to banks to gain finance and even cash flow projection, enabling the developer to budget funds throughout the progression of the project.Bringing the project management and engineering disciplines together enables Bespoke to be more accurate with our development cost predictions.


We understand that the feasibility phase of the project is usually the most critical part of a project, and is the main stumbling block for all developers. At Bespoke we work closely with our clients and consultants to maximize the projects feasibility, ensuring that more developments proceed, securing a higher than average success rate for our clients.

Traffic Engineering

Bespoke provides specialist traffic engineering and consultancy services on transport planning on a wide range of projects. Our team has more than 27 years knowledge and experience in the successful delivery of projects for our clients in both Government and Private sector.

Our Services include:

  • Traffic Impact Assessments

  • Traffic Analysis and Modelling

  • Traffic and Transport Planning Studies

  • Road Safety Investigations

  • Road Safety Audits

  • Traffic Management and Operations

  • Traffic Management Plans during construction