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Why Are Shade Sails Becoming More Common?

It is anticipated that community demand for shade will continue to rise due to increased awareness of the impacts of sun exposure, demand on Council’s outdoor spaces, and hotter and drier weather conditions.

Shade sails on residential and commercial buildings are a common sight not only in Australia but across the globe. Restaurants and resorts make use of these in order to provide shade and protection for their clients and customers, as well as to increase the appeal of their establishments. For many homeowners, several benefits of using shade sails include having a practical alternative to housing extensions, as well as lower electricity bills. Using shade sails in your homes and your business establishments is beneficial in many ways – both for you and the environment.


· Shade Sails are good for Nature

· Protects you from the sun & rain

· Extra cooling & ventilation

· Improves appearance of your home or establishment

· Quick to install and remove


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